How to use an LED matrix with a Raspberry Pi


In this article I will explain how to connect a LED matrix MAX7219 circuit to a Raspberry pi.

For this you will need a Raspberry pi with Linux installed (Raspberry pi os preferred)



Here are the pin number of the raspberry

You have to connect the led matrix to the Raspberry following the information in the table.

VCC on pin 2 du pi, GND on 6, …

Librairies et modules installation

In a terminal type the following commands:

sudo usermod -a -G spi,gpio pi
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential python3-dev python3-pip libfreetype6-dev libjpeg-dev
sudo -i pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
sudo -H pip install --upgrade luma.led_matrix



Go to and get which is in examples.

In a terminal go to the directory of the script and execute it with


And there you should have the demo displayed on the matrix.

Now you can play with the code to keep what you want and customize the display.



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